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Can I listen to a mobile phone?

Many parents do not know firsthand the meaning of words that when young children, then there are small problems, but with the big kids and the problem has become too great. But in principle, under the conditions of life in the modern world in a clear and continuous control of today need both large and small children who are already too old almost from the cradle. And if not so long ago, a great achievement of modern technology was considered merely the appearance of a mobile phone that parents reluctantly gave their kids to school, to be able at any time to call and find out if everything is okay with him, and when he or she comes home , today this progress much further, providing an opportunity for parents to conduct the necessary control over their children of even those without distracting from their cases and occupation. And we are glad that we have to offer you to take advantage of the unique of its kind software and hardware complex, which is unparalleled, but allows you to solve a lot of questions and problems, as they say, without leaving home. The main thing that this house was the Internet.

By and large, it's safe to say that the functionality of this complex, which you now can order in our detective agency "Private Detective Donetsk", have virtually no restrictions. And if you want to really be aware of absolutely everything that lives your teenage son or daughter, a minor, then this is the solution that will allow you to have full awareness of these issues. Moreover, we offer complex is very popular among those who are responsible for their disabled relatives or elderly people who do not need fewer children today are very serious attention and care. And we suggest you begin now to monitor mobile phone such families and their children, just order our special "charging" their vehicles. Now your children will be less likely to hide from you some secrets, which in the future may cause them serious harm. You can control every new acquaintance, that will allow you to in a timely manner to protect your child from negative influence.

And if before you secretly and fitfully until your child can not see, trying to see his phone book to find out with whom he communicates, now you can do it simply from your mobile phone using our complex. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to edit the contact list of your offspring, something to add, delete something, on some numbers to put a lock on your own. You will be able to see all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as be aware of the communication. Of course, that will not be hidden from you, and messages on the phone, through the interceptor sms and mms messages. And if you need some information from the unit your child at any moment you can make it download documents, photos, pictures and videos. In particular you will have the unique opportunity to view not only the correspondence in the SMS and see which files and with whom he exchanged a subscriber, but also to see the deleted messages. Agree that this is a great find for anyone who wants to monitor the child's phone to protect it from various life troubles and mistakes, which may have once failed to avoid you because your parents, unfortunately, was not such a possibility. Most importantly, this question has to show and special wisdom to correct the actions of your ward if the phone told about some not quite correct his actions and not desirable acquaintances.

Given that today the exchange of SMS messaging has become less popular than correspondence in social networks or in special applications, then this point has also been provided by developers, so you will have access to each akkaunutu every social network that is used by your child. The most popular social network - Vkontakte, - Instagram, - Facebook, - Classmates will be at your disposal, as well as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype. And you can always block access to them as to any other site or program. If your child suddenly became interested in computer games or started attending some sites questionable subject matter, you will be aware of this, having the ability to view each link where it goes into the net.

But the story of his travels, visits and other activities is not only the Internet. Mobile control will let you know which sites your child visits, through the use of Google maps, on which will be reflected all the routes. In particular, if you can not communicate with the child or just want to check whether he went there, where you said, it is enough to look at the map to your mobile device and see where at the moment the subscriber. Its location is indicated by point indicating the exact address. Also, this function is simply irreplaceable, if your grandmother or grandfather did not return from a walk, and you start to worry about it.

You want to listen to your baby mobile? We are ready to offer you much more. Not only hear but also see what's happening in the room in which the phone, you can, using a special function. Take a photo and video images, audio recording everything that happens in the environment of the machine. You are afraid to disturb his call incapacitated relative? Then just see if he was okay. These pictures make himself phone subscriber in any of the cells, including you can take pictures and screen. And rest assured that no one will declassify as the phone itself at the same time does not show itself.

And do not be concerned that you are not good friends with technology. Apart from the fact that the "charging" the phone, our specialists will hold for you a little training, in principle, the complex itself is quite intuitive interface. You will get access to the server, and where all the information will come and get close to your device will be when accessing the Internet, in what today is no problem almost anywhere. Keep control of your mobile phone via the Internet, regardless of their location. And all this will cost you from 500 USD

But pi using this complex is very important to understand that it can be applied only in respect of minor children and incapacitated relatives. To monitor the mobile phone of the wife or husband is illegal. Article 163 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for punishment with fine from fifty to one hundred minimum incomes of citizens, as well as the punishment of imprisonment or correctional labor for 3 and 2, respectively. If such funds will be used for government and public figures, the punishment could be imprisonment from three up to seven years. And this warning is received by each of our clients, who will take full responsibility in case of illegal use of the complex.


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