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Very worried about her son and the teenager

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Thank you so much for this agency! We can not express in words the emotions thanks to the staff agency that helped us to find her daughter, who had gone out of the house after an argument with his father.

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Asked the detective agency to gather information about the mistress of my husband. Only knew her name. Detectives quickly gathered information about her. As I thought, she was not an angel. Agency staff…

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Asked the detective agency to gather information about the mistress of my husband. Only knew her name. Detectives quickly gathered information about her. As I thought, she was not an angel. Agency staff collected information gave me a complete picture of this woman. Thank you for helping detectives. I am sure that if necessary I will return at this agency.

Margarita Arkadievna

Professionally, accurately and efficiently an analysis and found guilty of petty theft in office. Lord working in this organization real experts. I just got the following result, which hoped. Well done.


Thank you, guys! Instructed the agency wanted a witness whose testimony had a lot to me in the court proceedings. I can not imagine how it was possible to find a man. The real professionals, thanks.

Konstantin Abramovich

Thank you for your prompt assistance. Decided in court dispute over inheritance, time to submit the required documents was limited. Without the help of detectives who are very professionally done their job, I would not have had time. Thank you so much.



Thank God, did not get into trouble, I want to say about the agency a few kind words. Here people work, you can safely entrust the orders of a personal nature, which no one has to know not. The guys are doing their job the way would not have done and relatives.


In my family, it came to the divorce, I did not understand the reason for her husband's cold attitude towards me. Detectives agency quickly clarified the situation, thanks to them for that much. Now everything has fallen into place.


Very grateful to the guys - the detectives, literally dragged me out of the prison cell. I wanted to make guilty of a crime I did not commit. At the time there were clues and witnesses. Thank you, I will always recommend you.

Anton I.

I want to thank the agency, its employees helped me find a childhood friend who left 10 years ago for the border. Did not even want to address. So I had little information about it. But friends persuaded. They said now the new century, new technologies - try. And, really. They quickly found him. The real professionals. Now we will not lose contact. Thank you.


Mne Employees detective agency I send uteryannыy phone. Vernee, ego Rather Total stolen. In mylytsyy not yschut phones, says - do not claim as áûëî sorry for me, I recently bought the ego, on dovolno dear and everything My contacts, kotorыe difficult áûëî áû Restore. Schytayu, that here rabotayut professyonalы, delayut its work expeditiously.

Grateful client-incognito.

Suspected his wife of infidelity. Ashamed to talk to someone, and it, too, to raise such a question. I decided to slowly turn to the agency. Thank God, nothing is confirmed, and I now sleep peacefully. My wife is correct. Thank you!


I worked with a detective agency "Private detective Donetsk." To the staff I have no complaints, only gratitude, they know their job. Until I began to hear that her husband had been with my best friend. She came to the agency and unfortunately the rumors were confirmed. Or maybe not unfortunately, why should I such a man and such a friend. We are better together with her daughter to be.


Grateful client

I do not rightly fired from his job, did not want to make out with me happened was an accident. I did not know what to do, was left without a livelihood. And the courts, we know what kind of red tape, and without a lawyer can not prove anything. Took the money from a relative and asked the detective agency to solve the case quickly. They helped investigate the accident, and that's soon on the court I have to pay a decent amount of money. And he and I had for 2 years and achieved nothing.


When someone stole my bag, which had a passport, wallet and all my plastic card, toy thought that nothing could be done. But my friends advised me to the agency "Private detective Donetsk." They said that there are good professionals. Well, I decided. What you can try, because not be worse. I was pleasantly surprised that I found my missing a few days. Turns out, they found a witness to the incident amounted to sketch and the bag was found. Yes, it's true professionals!

Grateful client

I work as the head of a large company. As I suspected. What bugged me, then turned to the agency "Private detective Donetsk." Beetle, actually found in my phone. Thanks to the staff agency, did the job very quickly. Also checked all the rooms in the office. Through time will still apply. I do not want confidential information came out.


Paid the money on the Internet one scoundrel for website design, so-called pre-payment. After that, he was gone. Rascal think he'll be to go with it. Asked the detective agency on the advice of friends. In fact, do not mind the money, but a shame when you hold for a fool. Fortunately, in his detective agency immediately calculated. He wanted to give money, but I decided to take him to court to file and require more moral damages and compensation for liquidated damages.


Met online online dating agency with a girl, she was from my town, we met. Started dating. I loved her with all his heart and was ready for her at all. Once. She came in and said that her mother was seriously ill and she needed an operation that costs 35 thousand UAH. I got into debt wherever he could to find her this amount. But since then she disappeared, the phone is not answered, the apartment it was closed. And then I did not think it a fraud. I told the police that she was missing, but I did not take a statement. Since I'm not a relative. Then I turned to the detectives, asking them to find the girl. How bitterly I was to learn that she is an ordinary marriage swindler. Thank detectives continue'll be careful.


Thanks to the staff of detective agency. Who helped calculate the internet scams. W is given a job, and I want the Internet to find one that satisfies me in everything. Then I was offered good conditions. But required a large deposit for wealth. Then I crept and questioned, and I decided to check out a company. To do this, turned to private detectives. Not only is he got caught, but the others, they now can not cheat.

family Osipov

Thank you so much for this agency! We can not express in words the emotions thanks to the staff agency that helped us to find her daughter, who had gone out of the house after an argument with his father.

Family Vasilvyh

Detective agency grateful for the fact that his staff saved our son from his undeserved punishment. He hung the suspicion of theft. He has no alibi was not, and our law enforcement agencies only that it should, to shoulder the blame on someone else and close the case. Thank you very much detectives, even scary to think what could have happened, and it could convict son.

Angelina Andriivna

Thanks to the staff of detective agency "Private detective Donetsk." Who have helped me in one important matter for me. I do not want to write about it, this information is confidential. Until then appealed to the two agencies, but the result was not. Just wasted the money they paid. But in this agency, I knew immediately that competent people are working. And so it proved. Let my business decided not 100% as I would like, but it's clearly got the ball rolling. I will still continue to work with the agency.


I want to thank the private investigators of the agency that helped me find my father. Him I did not know, and now we have met and both are very happy about it.


Very worried about her son and the teenager turned to the detective agency. It is not good to watch for his son, so it is possible to lose all credibility. We thought that he had contacted the wrong company, he did us no longer communicate. Thank specialists from the detective agency "Private detective Donetsk", they not only reassured us. With his son was all right, he began to meet with a girl, but hid it from us. We have consulted with a psychologist, how to deal with his son.

family Ivanov

The son grew up and began to ask us questions about our family. Asked to talk about his grandmother, grandfather, great-grandmothers, great-grandfather, etc. And it turned out that we somehow know very little about their ancestry. So we decided to contact the detective agency to draw up a family tree. Have to say that once imbued with confidence in your agency, cooperation from the very beginning, it was enjoyable, it was evident that professionals approach their work responsibly, it's not some charlatans. As we were glad that we were family tree as much as 400 years, we learned a lot about your ancestors. The son was very pleased.


Recruited staff to work and used the services of a detective agency, as needed honest people you can trust. During the inspection lot, really weeds out, especially when testing a polygraph lie. Now I'm relaxed about their business and do not have time your services.


Very jealous of your girlfriend before the wedding. It got to the scandals, some more and we would have left. The case is sensitive, no one to consult. Found on the Internet detective agency "Private detective Donetsk", decided to appeal. I am satisfied that they are working privately, and I wanted it as soon as possible to find out. Very glad that I promised to find out everything soon. Stone with the soul asleep when after a while I got evidence that my jealousy had nothing beneath them. Thank you now have the opportunity, for such services. What are private detectives. After all, public authorities for it would not take.


Had heard about Internet scams, but I never thought that something like this will affect me. At first hacked my page vkontakte. Then the mail poured spam threats. Demanded a large sum of money began to threaten me, my photos posted on the Internet, which is mounted in front of it, so that they are not decent. Thank you to those skilled detective agency, which quickly found these villains. Now I'm going to take him to court and claim compensation for damages.


In the summer vacationing in Turkey. I had an affair with a guy, we fell in love and he promised to marry her. And all of a sudden. He suddenly disappeared, the phone was not answered. I rested until the end of my pass and went home, thinking that he left me. He himself from Russia, and I'm from Ukraine, from Avdeyevka. You know, I fell in love with it so that the place itself is not found and decided to appeal to the detective agency. Spit on her maiden pride. Detective Agency "private detective Donetsk" I advised a friend who has already addressed there to check on the spouse's fidelity. To my surprise, they found him after only a week. Turns out, he was called to work immediately, and on the way home, he stole the phone and he could not reach me. I believed him and forgave him. The fact that he loves me, I do not doubt it, because soon our wedding. If it were not detectives, perhaps we would no longer met.

Aksenov Valery F.

Doing business for many years, and I know how difficult it is to keep everything confidential. And at this time the project that we were doing a lot of promise. Would not want that information became competitors. Then all was lost. Therefore, when built office building, I invited private detectives to check the room on the wiretap. I was not surprised to learn that the office was packed with bugs. Thanks to experts from agencies that have cleared our room, we can work quietly. And the plan still apply to this detective agency. For I know that in business you have to provide all this measure is not superfluous.

Vasily Petrovich

In detective agency "Private detective Donetsk" had to go, when my company began to appear theft cases. I did not want to raise a scandal and call the police. Just called the detectives to check accounts. Tested on a polygraph lie. And the truth came to light outside! In the court did not apply, but unfair to leave such employee had. Fortunately, the amount of damage was still small. Thus, the appeal to the detective agency is better, Sanchez to the police. Everything will be done promptly and in such a way that this will be known only by those who should be.


I want to talk about his case, to warn others. If it were not employees of the detective agency, or rather my friend, first of all, well done, she advised them to me. And then I would have lost his blood denyuzhek. I decided to buy a car over the Internet to cheaper and do not go around the world. She found such a model as I need happy that the price for such a machine does not high. A friend advised me to check it in time for theft. Asked the detective agency and was not mistaken. On the phone to figure out where the office, personally drove, made ​​a prepayment. And our fears were justified, the car was listed as stolen. Thank you very much detectives now I think I will still refer to them. After all, I want to buy a car!


He turned to the detective agency, when I stole a car. Of course I was shocked, given how hard I got this machine. Immediately contacted the police. Two months then went to the police, the insurance, the good was not there, nor there. The police car was never found. And friends advised to find a good detective agency. And what luck that I stumbled upon this site. Called on the phone, we agreed on everything detective and I made ​​a payment in advance. How am I glad when two weeks later, I found the car, rather, the place where he was. And then have the detectives themselves contacted the police to bring him back to me. For my part, no longer had any trouble. Thank you very much, dear detectives. Everyone will advise your agency "Private detective Donetsk."

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