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Solve any problems quickly and confidentially. Working with anonymous clients.


In the summer vacationing in Turkey. I had an affair with a guy, we fell in love and he promised to marry her. And all of a sudden. He suddenly disappeared, the phone was not answered. I rested until…

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He turned to the detective agency, when I stole a car. Of course I was shocked, given how hard I got this machine. Immediately contacted the police. Two months then went to the police, the insurance,…

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Detective Agency "Private detective Donetsk"

Perhaps you first want to go to a private detective agency and scored in a search engine query: "Private Detective Donetsk. Once on our site, you are not wrong, it's the best detective agency in Donetsk. You will not regret the fact that we booked the services of a private detective. We are working on the result, our main goal is to solve customer problems. Typically, the services of private detective or investigator needed in such cases:

· It is necessary to solve the problem quickly.

· Necessary to help solve the issues for which public bodies are not taken.

· It is necessary to assist in addressing sensitive issues.

We solve a large range of issues, including:

· Photo and video surveillance

· Identification of adultery

· Polygraph testing

· Check the premises for wiretapping

· Search of people

· Collection of information

· Search debtors, debt;

· The search for the missing car

All the services of our detective agency details you can read in the "Services" section.

During our work with clients we have developed a strong team of experienced professionals. Each of them has the appropriate education and extensive practical experience, which he gained by working early in law enforcement in a variety of security services to other detective agencies. We have in our detective agency and professional bodyguards, and experienced psychologists. The team of our staff is ready to provide you with quality detective services.

 We will try to solve any problem and you will not leave her alone. In any case - you get expert help and advice. We are working on the result and try to make the customer was satisfied. However, we never give unrealistic promises, our detective agency client will always be aware of the long term solution of his problem. We will never give consent to the solution of problems that require going beyond the law. All - only by law. Although this type of activity as a private investigator in Ukraine is not legally regulated. But we can legitimately pursue investigative journalism, as we are registered as mass media.

As a customer, you have the opportunity to work with us incognito, no information that you do not become the property of third parties. You have the right to complete privacy.

And we very much hope that by contacting our agency, you will be able to solve all of your problems and will be satisfied with our work. As hundreds of our satisfied customers with whom we have worked before. They are grateful comments you can read on our web site.

You, of course, interested in the cost of the private detective. It depends on the application. Contact us and we'll talk specifically about your problem.



В основном сейчас у людей видеонаблюдение ассоциируется с огромным количеством камер, размещенных по всему дому или офису.

  • The main principle: a satisfied customer.
  • We do our best to accurately carry out the work. The first rule that guides us in our work: the right to privacy of its customers. The information you provide to us, in any case will not be the property of third parties.
  • Second rule: The customer has the right to know about the future performance of its order. Therefore, we will never mislead our customers. We do not promise, we do.
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